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Gamrillen's Tears (and only his, not mine)

Today, the Gamrillen's Tears Fan Fund hit its mark. We will be able to fly an out-of-town friend in to join us in a weekend of relaxing and merriment1. I'm not going to say that I got misty-eyed when we hit our mark, but it is certainly accurate to say that when I saw how close we were (and then, moments later when we surpassed our goal) the allergen count in the air must have really shot up into eye-moisture-inducing ranges. Seriously: down economy, Detroit being the Ibiza of the US, small community; and here we are. You guys are Charlie Sheen levels of winning. You are beneficent wizards chugging tiger blood cocktails while high on yourselves and riding a guided missile of Awesome into the mostly civilian city of Crazytown.2

tl;dr version: James will be joining us for the weekend; let the dance choreography, chicken nugget themed Lady Gaga remixes, and brilliantly absurd activities commence.

Any remaining amount that is left over will roll into next year's fund to help some out-of-town soul make it here :)

Thank you all so much.

1 I rewrote that sentence about six times to get the word merriment in there. Enjoy.
2 Wow, that fucking guy was CRAZY! I couldn't even type those words facetiously without feeling like a lunatic. Well done, Mr. Sheen.
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