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In Case You're On The Fence About Construct - ConStruct a Con - Invent Your Own Fun
August 6th, 2010
10:48 am
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In Case You're On The Fence About Construct
Just some of the things that we have in store for you...

AASFA is giving away free money!!! All you have to do is show up to the "Dragon's Den" panel and convince them that you have a project for Construct that would be fun. If they deem you worthy, you get cold, hard cash on the spot to finance your idea.

An awesome Consuite with full meals plus snacks.

Hard cider and beer on tap, plus soda, coffee, tea, & juice (for those who don't drink).


Craft projects (beading, origami, make n takes).


Original ideas. The whole idea behind Construct is that we never know exactly what it will be or what people will come up with.

Here are some examples of things that happened last year...

A Miracle Berry tasting.

A Tom Smith Concert.

An 80's Prom.

Swimming & hot-tubbing.

A Man-of-A-Thousand-Names Concert.


A marionette make and take.

Bead n Bitch.

Rock Band.

A Random Acts of Random Game that lasted all weekend. Included a $50 prize.

Drink Contest.

Open Cola.

Still on the fence? I hope not. Come and hang out with us!!! We take relaxing to the next level!

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